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How Am I Doin'?
Big City
Little Sister
Silver Wings
You look so good in love

Selected: Chattahoochie

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Chris King
What people say about Chris King --  
Over the years, we have attended innumerable weddings and have frequented even more saloons. But we determined after our party, that in all those occasions combined, we didn‘t dance nearly as much as we did when you played at our shindig.

Though the party food was delectable, the decorations sublime, and the occasion a joyous one (she had just graduated from Grad school), what our guests raved mostly about was you.

You all were absolutely fantastic and turned what would have been a mundane party into one that sparkled with energy and laughter. It was a very memorable one for us, and your presence and enormous talent made it be so.

Kira O‘Keefe and Darren Jacobsen

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