All information supplied to this web site by visitors is considered private and confidential. This means that all information is used in-house only and never distributed to a third-party (see specifics below).

Personal Information

The Chris King Band, through this web site, may request and collect personal information when you request specific information or refer to products. The requested information is clearly identified on the specific pages involved.

The Chris King Band, nor any agency involved with the creation or maintenance of this website does not share or sell any personal information you provide to any third parties.

Automatically logged information

Some information is captured automatically by the web site and/or the web hosting service where this web site is located. Typically, this information is limited to:

  • The IP address of the visitor
  • The web page(s) reviewed
  • Date and time of web page access
  • The type of web browser used to access the site.

Not automatically captured are any other forms of personal information, including:

  • Email addresses (no underlying technology), however certain visitor feedback and program demonstration facilities provide the option for visitor to include an email address within their message. See Email addresses and SPAM below.

  • Any form of telephone number, credit card information or similar items, except as noted for the reasons cited on this page (again, no underlying technology).

Logged information is used to diagnose problems with the Internet connection, web site setup, server functionality and internal programming that generates browser-specific information, and to administer the systems.

Email addresses and SPAM

All email addresses received by The Chris King Band through this web site are supplied voluntarily by visitors. Under no circumstances will The Chris King Band distribute email addresses - to anyone - unless legally obligated to do so.

Email addresses are private and used only as required in-house to service visitor enquiries and/or address service issues. 

>>> Your email address is not for sale! <<<

External Links

This web site contains links to other sites that are not under its control. The Chris King Band is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of linked web sites.

We will, however, investigate and remove any link to an external web site reported by visitors as either fraudulent, misleading or questionable.


Some tools on this web site use cookies to remember session conditions, which is required by tools such as shopping carts, login managers, etc. This web site does not use cookies unless they are required to meet specific functionality goals.

In most cases, cookies are 'non-persistent.' That is, they exist for only the time a particular browser session is used on the site, then deleted.

Bookmarks/Favorite Places

Your bookmarks are private. No other person or agency (including this web site) has any access to use or see your personal bookmarks.

Contact Information

Please send any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this website to the webmaster: HirMon & Associates.


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